First choice for IoT device data trusteeship---China mobile IoT open platform

China Mobile IOT open platform recommend to you the comprehensive IOT cloud service

Provide self-service development tools for intelligence device and background technical support services to IoT developers, meanwhile, offer you the basic services of IoT private network, short MMS, position orientation, device management, information distribution, remote upgrade etc.

Provide you with a third party application development platform to realize quickly different business demands.With the help of light application incubator, we set up our own web and APP in a fast way.

You are provided with multidimensional services by highly extensible database, real-time data processing, intelligent prediction of offline data analysis, data visualization display and so on.

High-frequency developer community converged different knowledges will help you make friends with more IoT lovers and spread the projects and development results.

Comprehensive functions enable you have easier, more convenient and higher efficient access to cloud

Which of IoT platform service to provide you

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IoT -the direction of future

Mature solutions hele you quickly understand IoT OneNET device cloud platform

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